Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading An Address in Amsterdam. Since 2002, when I lived in an apartment where Jewish people were hidden, I have been researching and writing and rewriting this story. Like the people of that time, we still face the choice of whether we resist prejudice and demagoguery, collaborate with it, or collude through complacency. My dream is for this book to start conversations about those issues, but that can only happen with your help – especially during the launch month of October, and beyond. If you feel the book is valuable, please:

Post about the book on your Facebook page if you have one, or ask others to.
Something as simple as a picture of yourself reading the book with one line of commentary would be great. #anaddressinamsterdam

No matter where you got the book, post a few sentences of feedback on:

Just click, or google any of these and “An Address in Amsterdam,” and the right page will come up. It’s fine to say exactly the same thing on all of them.

Reviews help more than almost anything except reaching out to your friends.

E-mail your friends to tell them about the book. You’ll find a fan page at You can also contact me for a sample e-mail or post if that would be helpful, at

If you are connected to an organization – nonprofit, synagogue, church, seniors – where people are concerned about how we make a more peaceful world, I’d like to speak to them. I’ve had excellent feedback on “Anne Frank’s Neighbors: What Did They Do?” for the Vermont Humanities Council in varied venues, and can also talk about my book and why I wrote it in a public reading and discussion.

If you are in a book group or know anyone who is, recommend An Address in Amsterdam. It includes discussion questions about everything from how Rachel makes her choices to what will stay with the reader. I would enjoy participating in a conversation either personally or by Skype.

If you do ANY of these things, you can email me with the address of your hometown public library, and I’ll put it in a raffle for a free copy of the book.

Thank you so much for your help,
Mary Dingee Fillmore (