Hidden Amsterdam

For information on the hidden aspects of the city –both related to 1940-45 and others that aren’t readily apparent – explore my blog at seehiddenamsterdam.com.

For example, Nieuwmarkt is the picturesque chunk of the city wall which dates back to 1400 or so, with market stalls and lots of nice cafes nearby if you visit it today.  The building has an incredible history.  Rembrandt painted The Anatomy Lesson in the theater upstairs, as recounted in Nina Siegal’s novel of the same name.  Here’s the market on a stormy spring day in 2015.

De Waag in 2015

But this is what it looked like when barbed wire lined the length of Geldersekade, one of the oldest canals in the city, to mark off the Jewish Quarter.  Read seehiddenamsterdam.com to learn more about where the past is still present today.

De Waag and Barbed Wire photo